Sustainable development for remote locations

environmentally sensitive construction & engineering

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Sustainable Developments

Developments that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  

As the initiative behind Project Off Grid  we provide services across the construction, engineering and energy industries.  

Balancing modern and traditional techniques with the latest in material science, we aim to achieve the highest standards of performance with true sustainability. 

Projects are engineered and they are in tune with their host environments.   

Remote locations that are isolated from utility services.

With an extensive portfolio of "island" or off-grid energy design and construction and with an in-house research & development team we have access to all the power and heat technologies.  

Balancing yields from wind, solar and hydro generators, maximising efficiency and employing energy diversion and multiple on-site storage systems, we can deliver cost effective, reliable and stable energy that is no different than that of any utility grid.  

From a single element to turnkey packages

We can offer you a complete and detailed overview, from inception to completion.

Through the development of our own methodology, our own designs and with the latest in equipment and tooling, we offer sustainable developments for remote locations that are both technically and financially feasible.

Promoting the use of renewable energy wherever possible we are developing, engineering, constructing and operating projects that contribute to our goal of a low cost, low carbon and sustainable future.


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